General Information on Rates

Our current rates related to individual retreats at the Sufi Retreat Center are as follows:

Sliding Scale per Day

All costs are on a sliding scale per day. These scales represent in essence an honor system for you to self-determine your appropriate rate. The lower end is a base level for low-income retreatants that enables us to meet the many expenses of a retreat. The high end is for retreatants who have higher incomes and can afford more. Those who pay higher rates help us to be able to offer the lower rates to those who need them. We also have a scholarship fund to help some retreatants who cannot afford the base rate. Donations may be made to the fund; contact us for details. Please note that the Retreat Center is a non-profit organization.

What the per-day Rate Includes?

The per-day rate includes accommodations, food for your lunches and breakfasts to prepare in your own room/cabin, one warm meal (dinner) daily, and a daily meeting with your retreat guide, who provides individualized guidance for your retreat.

Sliding Scale Chart

For your convenience, here is a chart showing the sliding scale rates for various accommodation and different retreat duration.

Days Small Cabin Middle Cabin Large Cabin Room Hut
2 Days $200 – $340 $240 – $340 $240 – $340 $260 – $380 $180 – $340
3 Days $270 – $510 $300 – $510 $300 – $510 $360 – $570 $255 – $450
5 Days $450 – $850 $500 – $850 $500 – $850 $600 – $950 $425 – $750
10 Days $900 – $1700 $1000 – $1700 $1000 – $1700 $1200 – $1900 $850 – $1500

Should you wish information on a retreat duration not listed please contact us. The full spreadsheet is also available for download as a Microsoft Excel Spreedsheet.

Rustic Individual Retreat Huts

Retreat hut entranceThe retreat fee per day for huts is on a sliding scale of $85-$170 per day based on your income level. The huts are heated and located on a hill a three-minute walk behind the Meditation Hall where there are bathroom facilities. There is also an outhouse on the retreat hill.

Retreat Cabins

We also have three newly built heated retreat cabins, located by a beautiful stream, One of the new Retreat Huts which are within several minutes walking distance to bathroom facilities at the Abode. The costs range from $90-$170 for a small cabin, $100-$170 for a medium cabin and $100-$170 for a large cabin. The cabins are also near a heated composting toilet.


One can also choose to retreat in a room on the second floor of the Meditation Hall or in one of our other buildings, where bathroom facilities are located. The cost is $130-$170.


At registration, a minimum non-refundable deposit of $100 is required to book your retreat. The balance of the payment is due before the start of your retreat when you arrive at the Abode. We accept cash, check (send checks to the Sufi Retreat Center, Attn. Gayatri Hull, 5 Abode Road, New Lebanon, NY 12125.) and credit card (Visa and MasterCard only). You may also use our PayPal button to pay the deposit.


You may download (Word Document) a registration form, and e-mail it or mail it to us, or complete your registration via the phone.
Our contact information is:
Address: Sufi Retreat Center, Attention: Gayatri Hull, 5 Abode Rd. New Lebanon, NY 12125
Phone: (518) 794-7285